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We all face a continuing rise in the amount of spam, ever more sophisticated Trojans and Worms being developed and a general rise in phishing as social networking and on-line transactions become more commonplace for both personal and business use.

There has never been a more important time for your business to be proactive in establishing effective defences against malicious attack. Whilst there is a plethora of antivirus software available, it is worthless unless it is configured correctly.

At Compatibility we use a tried, tested and trusted system of e-mail and MS Exchange barriers as well as the industry’s leading PC protection software to make sure that you get the very best protection available. This proactive approach prevents a virus from entering your system, rather than completing a system check after it has done its damage.

In addition to the blocks put up by anti-virus software, we provide and install sophisticated Firewalls which are designed to protect your system from unauthorised access. We supply, configure, install and maintain the highest level of firewall access to give you certainty over the fact that your data is only available to those who you want to see it.

All of our antivirus systems and firewalls are updated automatically and checked remotely, allowing us to diagnose any malicious attack quickly and accurately and minimise any damage it may cause and, most importantly, any disruption to the performance of your IT systems.

“Malicious programs are evolving quickly in terms of their complexity and ability to conceal their presence.”

“Malicious programs are evolving quickly in terms of their complexity and ability to conceal their presence. Rootkits and code that infects and modifies system components, the main characteristics of today’s most dangerous and sophisticated threats, share the common goal of seeking to make themselves immune from eradication. It is often much easier to prevent infection by such threats in the first place than to try to repair the damage done to a computer that has already been infected”. Kaspersky Labs 2011

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