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If you have one or more remote offices in different locations and have a workforce that is on the road or works from home, you need to be sure that they have full and secure access to all of your business data. Our provision of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) can provide you and your workforce with a robust and safe communications infrastructure.

Core benefits of virtual private networks

  • Simple connection to all offices and remote workers over the internet
  • Acts like “being there” i.e. operation is identical to being connected directly to the central network
  • Uses the latest VPN and remote desktop technologies to harness the power of the fastest Internet connections, removing the need for the more expensive and traditional Wide Area Network infrastructures
  • Provides functionality that is found on any network, such as sharing of data and access to network resources, printers, databases, websites etc
  • Offers secure communication through remote user authentication and encryption for all private data

VPNs for your business

Remote access

This provides your remote workers with access to the company’s information over a secure VPN tunnel. Users are provided with specialist software on their computing equipment to ensure that authentication and encryption are seamless.

VPNs and scalability

A VPN is wholly scalable so it can grow as your operations grow. As you staff up with new offices and/or remote employees it is both a simple and cost-effective process to add the new people to the VPN. This is relevant both across the country and across the World as the technology makes use of readily available public networks. A simple connection to a local internet source can be all that is needed.

Site-to-site VPN

If you have remote offices, we can provide a VPN link which connects the Local Area Networks in each office with the central server environment. Our experienced and capable engineers will work with you to provide the best fit in terms of the software available in the market to have your site-to-site VPN working at optimum performance.

Secure sockets layer VPN

A growing requirement for many businesses is a Secure Sockets Layer VPN which allows remote users to connect to company information using a web browser and no specialist software. This requirement is becoming ever-more popular as handset and tablet technology becomes more sophisticated and prevalent in the workplace.

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